earings made of skateboards, upcycling


Farmer Creations is a name I choosed  as a joke.  Because i was born and grew up in the east part of the Netherlands (this is a place where a lot of farmers live) A lot of my friends here in The Hague (west part of the Netherlands) call me Farmer.“
Robin, Farmer Creation NL

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earings made of upcycled skateboards, diameter inside 4.5 cm thick 10mm

“Skateboards are made of 7 plys canadian maple wood. They are finished with tung oil. This is natural oil. I use this because its natural, safe and easy finish.
Feel free to feed the wood as often as you like, with bee wax or whatever good for the wood and your skin.
I started skateboarding when i was a kid. Later i started also to ride longboard.
With a friend we decided to build a longboard ourselves.


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