Belt made of upcycled bike’s tires 2,5cm wide


Peter Szabo / Fixedgonzo, (re)designer, biker. Involved in different forms of art, and is capable of the weirdest association with bike chains, junk and trash. Graduated from MOME Budapest (Moholyi-Nagy University of Art and Design) in 2007.

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Belt made of upcycled bike’s tires 2.5cm wide

Felvarrom, a Budapest-based family business, has been making quality upcycled biker accessories, clothing and artworks for those who appreciate a lifestyle bearing nature in mind since 2008. Our products are unique, exclusively handmade and mainly made of recycled materials. We collect used bicycle parts and materials from individuals, local bike shops and services, sort and clean them one-by-one. We are resolute in keeping our whole making process sustainable and environmental-friendly, taking care of proper dust disposal as well.



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